is a leading British photographer now living in Hong Kong. In a career spanning twenty years Gail has created dramatic images with impact and longevity. Her artistic, professionalism and exceptional ability to ” get the shot “, has quickly made Gail Turner very popular with leading personalities in Hong Kong. Her captivating images make an emotional and lasting impression.

In a very short time since her arrival in Hong Kong, her photographic work was covered by press and radio. Gail Turner’s work is award winning. She won the Photography Masters Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art, judged by The National Geographic and Saatchi & Saatchi. An Innovation Award and numerous portraiture awards have also been accredited to Gail Turner over the years.

Gail Turner has photographed many celebrity people such as Rory Mc Illroy, Nick Faldo, David Attenborough, Ian Shaw, Jimmy Nesbitt, and The Rolling Stones, captains of industry and commerce, to name a few.
Her work has been published in The Tatler and other high end magazines. She has also published a series of books, and her work is regularly featured in the media.

Pets are celebrated family members. They bring their own energy, attitude and personality. They hold a unique place in our lives, so we want to include them as part of our visual history.
Gail Turner has been commissioned by the Royal Household of Abu Dhabi to photograph the Arabian horses of the Royal Stables, of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi.
She has also photographed champion racing greyhounds. All of this expertise and Gail’s empathy with pets ensures she gets beyond the camera.  Gail Turner makes a strong connection between you and your pet providing you with the most exclusive images

Childhood disappears quickly. Heritage is less fleeting. We love to tell family stories as we look at photographs. We love to remember the special and the ordinary times we share with our children. Time changes things. A still photograph freezes time, preserving memories for generations. These moments are priceless and irreplaceable. Gail Turner has taken thousands of treasured family shots. She always captures the essence of the person she is interacting with. The shoots are fun, energetic and have lasting impact. Gail Turner has photographed leading actors, musicians, sports people and media personalities and their families.

In business, and generally in life, you want to present a stylish impression, make yourself stand out and reflect your success. Your PR Shot must convey your best personal and winning qualities. Refined composure in a photograph is powerful. Gail Turner will give you bespoke images with impact that reflect your energy, experience, intellect and vitality.
Gail Turner has a solid reputation as a leading photographer who consistently produces eloquent images. Among her clients are winners of Golf Master’s Cups, famous musicians, actors, authors, CEO’s, Vice Presidents and Directors of influential companies. She has won a number of awards for her portraiture and fashion magazines have commissioned her for cover shoots.

Careful planning goes into to your photographic requirements. Therefore, from one photography session, Gail Turner will create a catalogue of tailored images which can be used for promotion on:

Business websites
Internal Communications
Media Presentations/Press releases
Client Presentations
Resume summary
Personal use

Gail is accustomed to working with high profile clients and appreciates the need for discretion and quality images.

Winner of The Photography Master’s Cup, Fine Art Section, Gail Turner’s work delights the eye and appeals to the intellect, Gail Turner’s images have become highly collectable and sought after. They appeal to the connoisseur and have a “painterly “ and serene quality. A large collection of Gail’s work presently hangs in the 5 star Lough Erne Golf Resort in Ireland, which hosted the G8 summit.
Gail Tuner’s pieces are also collected privately.
Each fine art photographic image is in a limited edition of 50. They encompass varying themes and are all printed on the highest quality, hand made archival matt paper. The size of each image is tailored to your requirements, and framing is optional.