Art Classes Overview

Gail is a qualified Art Teacher and is also qualified with the British Art Therapy Association, London [BAAT]. She is passionate about the benefits of Art for Creativity and healthy minds.



A painting club for children and adults. Put down your worries and inhibitions, and pick up a brush. Let the paint do the talking! No experience necessary – just relax and be amazed at what you can do! Painting workshops can be arranged through zoom or in person. This is Fun Art Painting, not Fine Art Painting…… but once you catch the painting bug you never know where it will lead!



Gail offers individual Therapeutic Art Classes for children from 5 – 18. Art making often provides a way to communicate difficult emotions and helps to make sense of challenging situations. She enables others to use Art as a means of self-discovery and as a confidence builder.



If you would like to begin taking better photographs, or improve your photographic skills, Gail can help mentor you in your personal photography journey. Gail has many  years of shooting experience, and  practical experience of working with hundreds of clients for over twenty years. Mentoring sessions are available for all ages, for individuals or groups of up to 4 people. Each session will be tailored to your specific needs. Please contact Gail directly to organise a suitable time.